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The Future of Energy

Electrical energy is at the heart of modern human life. Without it the quality of life would be lower and our modern work would be impossible to imagine without electricity. We have got used to the convenience of pushing a button to turn on the light, heating, music, TV, the cooking stove, and so on.

IT, another core technology, depends on it. In fact, as shown in the book “Blackout”, our lives would rapidly break down entirely without it.

Reduction in CO2 emissions, the increasing calls to save electrical energy, and the demand for stable and affordable electrical energy supplies for businesses and for individuals are all interdependent and improving one often decreases others.

What electrical energy innovations are being worked on, and what can we reasonably expect, without bias, in the coming years is at the core of this event.

These are fundamental electrical energy technology innovations and systems, but also include reality checks on what is truly possible and also what makes practical sense.

Why attend?

Current and Future Energy Trends

Ensure you’re up-to-date on the top trends in save advanced nuclear, energy storage, energy transmission, energy from waste, and renewable energy.

High-tech Connect suisse Research

Hear from High-tech Connect suisse (HTCs) as we supplement the topics covered with exclusive HTCs research.

Top 25 Energy Europe

We’ll be unveiling the Top 25 Energy Europe – a ranking of the 25 most promising private energy companies in Europe

Impressive Speakers

An astoundingly impressive C-suite and founder-heavy speaker lineup.

Fireside Chat Format

Fireside chat format between speakers and leading industry journalists. No panels or canned presentations.

1:1 Meetings

Unlimited number of 1:1 networking opportunities with senior-level attendees and startup CEOs/founders.

Global Audience

Meet founders and others attending from around the world, including US, India, and China.

No Paying Speakers

No pay-to-play speakers aka no ‘sales pitches’ on stage.

C- Roundtable

If you are a C-level in an energy utility you can attend this roundtable where we will discuss the evening before the event energy industry relevant topics. Which topics, you will be able to vote.

Discuss in top expert fireside chats such as topics as

  • Will nuclear have a chance again if it can be done safely?
  • What strategies have to be taken into consideration to be able to supply energy clean, cost-efficient, reliably for all including large energy users?
  • Quo-vadis Switzerland and Europe?
  • Private vs public energy supply.

Hear about Future Energy topics

  • Save advanced nuclear
  • Energy Storage
  • Battery technology
  • Energy transmission
  • Energy from waste
  • Renewable energy

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